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All terms listed in alphabetical order

.Fir happenstance
Strange addition to posts and threadtitles. Originated by Qweeg, but thereafter only used to annoy Qweeg. (Contrib: Drekkus)

100-0 (n), forum game
A pox on the forums where a poster asks an (apparently) obvious question. If the question is answered in the following post, then the point is "won" by the questioner replying "100-0" in the subsequent post. The 100-0 gambit can be reversed if the question is answered "Own goal". (Contrib: Liquid)

@home AE extension
Used by those who do not have the mental capacity to remember passwords and are not aware of, or are unable to grasp the concept of the 'retrieve lost password' feature. See also @work. (Contrib: Nav)

@work AE extension
See @home.

AE (n)
The abbreviation for Alter Ego, this acronym packs a lot of meaning into two characters. It refers to a login created for the specific purpose of a jest or running gag. AE's are highly encouraged on CG

alpha.owo (n), site
(See owo)

brown card phrase; smiley
At the end of the day, it's all down to how parents rear their children. Some kids end up as bums, having been the butt of jokes for all their lives; some learn how to deal from the bottom of the pack and always seem to come up with the ace in the hole. And then there's King_Ghidra ...

copycat thread classn.
Let's face it, if any poster had an original thought they'd be away writing like Kory. As it is, the basis for a good 90% of the threads on Counterglow is the ritual plagiarism of the titles of the few original threads that do appear (even if all they contain is a link) ...

Fred Stolen thread classn.
Prefix for a thread whose contents have been taken from another site. Ideal for those moments when the thread muse has done a bunk... [Contrib: Spartak]

gasmaske (n)
(1) An obscure term which drives Germans into fits of hysterical laughter and convulsions, after which they invade Poland.

(2) A nifty new smiley which sows the seeds of confusion amongst the unwary. Usually used alone as it's too powerful a tool for humour to group with other jokes. (Contrib: Walruskkkch)

Gay Twat (n)
An endearing term used to describe most of the regular posters. (Example: in the street or pub, upon first seeing a stranger who you think is a fellow poster, you should say: "Excuse me - are you a Gay Twat?".)

HARDMAN (n), legend
A legendary figure. Words to not do him justice...

German laughter, used when something is really, really funny and certainly never used with the slightest hint of sarcasm. (Contrib: Funkodrom)

in a meeting (vi)
A polite way of saying that you were busy whacking off and didn't have time to participate in the normal witty personal interactions (posting) with the other strange individuals that inhabit the forums. (Example: "I would have been here for the khunt, but I was in a meeting".) (Contrib: Ming)

khunt (n), forum game
The noble and glorious pursuit of a k, whereby a band of adventurers with lots better to do stalk a kbeast for pleasure or profit. The Dastardly and Muttley to this breed of heroes are jsorense and Aredhran, who established the kbeast Preserve, where any unfortunate creatures captured rather than killed are penned up for the personal pleasure of these deviants. Points are awarded for bagging a k, and these are recorded on the khunt Leader Board. [Update: Now officially dead, see rules]

Leaving Forever thread classn.
Off to travel round the world for a year? Boss giving you grief and asking you to work 18-hour days for the foreseeable future? Popping along to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee? Don't leave your fellow posters in the dark: tell everyone in a 'Leaving Forever' thread.

Link? post classn.
Sometimes, there are some really interesting and useful internet pages that attract a poster's attention. That poster is then obliged to dangle tantalizing hints about the contents of said page; describe grotesque physical attributes graphically illustrated by .jpgs; say how they managed to save 500 bars of gold-pressed latinum by following advice on the page ... but fail to give a link. There's only one way to respond, of course: "Link?"

MALOFROY abbrev.
Yoda-speak for ROFLMAO.

Moderator ?
We don't need no steeeeenkin' mods. (But if we did, we'd use this mod.) (Contrib: Immortal Wombat)

Nell (n), poster
A mysterious - but lovely - creature who once graced the forums with her presence. Her repeated disappearances usually coincided with a crisis in the forums. Her last disappearance seems to have been permanent and rumors persist she has procreated with another poster. (Contrib: Walruskkkch) [January 2004: THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Nell and Milan return with one (then two) sprogs in tow. Counterglow enters meltdown phase. Ed.]

owo (n), site
The progenitor site for many forums (including this site). Home of the long closed, official forums for the game SMAC.

PHd (n)
PHd is seeing someone's posted a subtle joke and then explicitly making the joke later in the thread either because you think no-one got it or the poster didn't intend it. It's short for Provost Harrisoned because he's the poster that did it most often. (Contrib. Funkodrom)

Pity Post post classn.
If someone posts a thread that gets no responses for a while, the pity post is to rescue them from the indignity of having given birth to a zero-reply thread, possibly the worst self-inflicted insult one can get on a message board like Counterglow. (Contrib: Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm)

Planet ACOL (n) site
Where (almost) everyone came from...

Qweegle (n)
Point system to rate a particular post, where the poster has "gone Qweeg". (Contrib: Walruskkkch)

rules ?
We don't need no steeeenkin' rules. (Apart from these.)

Secret Forum (n), Forum
Error: Access Denied

smiley (n)
You don't know what a smiley is? You really should stay indoors a bit more.

thread killer (n)
No-one ever reads threads on page 2: anyone who has the last post of a thread there is considered a major asocial loser. Some perverts actually aspire to be thread killers, but you have to ask: what does the ability to post German lyrics say about someone who is obviously the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel because they post at Counterglow in the first place?

Other possible types of kill: ManHunt, Khunt, Chunt. (Contrib: someone with a name that's too long to keep typing, so we'll just call him 'Snapcase')

to go Qweeg (vi)
A poster is said to have 'gone Qweeg' when they reach that stage of enlightenment where their posts finally make sense and the poster finds that suddenly they can speek the troof. (Contrib: Funkodrom)

To MrG (n)
To say a story a thousand times in complete gibberish. AKA repieting. To be a repieter.

VSW acronym
Vulcan Science Whore. A reference to Mr Spock's successors, the foxy Vulcans used to boost ratings of Trek shows. (Variant: BSW Borg Science Whore) (Contrib: Funkodrom)

Whos' Who reference
Walking down the street, and think you recognise someone? Perhaps they're a Counterglowerisator-type person, and you recognise them from Counterglow South Park 2004?

x-fear (n)
The emotion that causes you to quote the last post in a thread because you fear that someone is going to make an x-post between the target post and your response. (Contrib: Funkodrom)

brown card
Fred Stolen
Gay Twat
in a meeting
Leaving Forever
Pity Post
Planet ACOL
Secret Forum
thread killer
to go Qweeg
To MrG
Whos' Who
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