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C.G.B. Spender
Burggespenst Lülü
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Male/female/neurum gender guess

keep your hands off Google or you will get banned.

"Der, die,das..."
That's how the german copy of sesame street starts. Meaning male/female/neutrum

Mann (man) in german is male - der Mann
Frau (woman) is female - die Frau
Kind (cjild) is a neutrum (no developed sex) - das Kind

So let's guess the gender of these objects (no Google - did I mention that?)

(1) dog (Hund)
(2) cat (Katze)
(3) squirrel (Oachkatzerl)
(4) car (Auto)
(5) motor scooter (Kleinkraftrad)
(6) bazooka (Panzerfaust)
(7) small sausage (Würstchen)
(9) sausage (Wurst)
(10) movie/film (Film)
(11) play (Theaterstück)
(12) guitar (Gitarre)
(13) drums (Schlagzeug)
(14) bass (Bass)
(15) heart attack (Herzinfarkt)
(16) hemorrhoid (Hämorrhide)
(17) moon (Mond)
(18) sun (Sonne)
(19) light (Licht)
(20) darkness (Dunkelheit)
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Kinked Rockist
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1 - 20, all male.
"I wonder what became of all the Rockers and the Mods.
I hope they are making it and they've all got stead jobs,
Oh but rock and roll still lives on,
Yeah, rock and roll still lives on. "
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Dyl Ulenspiegel
voorvechter van modernearchitectuur
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(3) des Oachkatzerl

You forgot the Hochwasserschutzbauwerk.
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Old 27-12-2015, 16:40:40   #4
Ho Ho Ho
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They are all gay twats.
Try http:/ for news and debate.
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