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The Mad Monk
The REAL Nick Fury!
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The Brothers Smothers

American History--II-B (The Smothers Brothers)

Tommy: This is a poem--written by one of America's most beloved pomists.
Dickie: What did you say?
T: One of America's most beloved pomists!
D: That isn't right! You know the word isn't "pomist"!
T: No, I don't!
D: But I'm trying to give an introduction to a serious song! So why do you do that?
Tommy, if you don't know the word, don't speak up and make a fool of yourself, ask!
T: What is the word for someone who writes poems?
D: It's a poet writer!
T: Poet writer? Boy, you're as dumb as I am! It's a good thing I didn't say a couple of other words I had in mind!
D: All right. The word is "poet." Now USE it!
T: This is a poem--serially. Written by one of America's most beloved poets--the wonderful Jack Freeze.
D: Frost!
T: Jack Frost!

At least he died doing what he loved. Insulting someone else's mother.

I will crush you. With happy little apples.

I am a happy little sig. virus. Please put me in your happy little sig. so I can continue to happily replicate. A little.

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Ah, yo-yo man.
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