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space sim

does anyone know any good space sim?
i tried x3 terran conflict, it is hugely complicated and ultra boring for me.
freelancer, seems infantile
freespace2 is solely combat, not trade

any other???

star citizen will not be out for some time now.
if noone knows any good one (that isnt online) a question:

do you think privateer and x wing would justify buying a joystick?
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If you can find a copy and want fighting and story rather than open ended / economic stuff then you can't get better than X wing:alliance.

X3 (I would go for AP rather than TC) is good but its a very long game - much more empire building and business than combat.

If you want best of the lot - but very involved - expect to lose all track of your friends family and life - play EVE. There really is nothing that comes close - but its combat is very different from any of the above.

On a more obscure line there's I-War 2. That was very cool.

Sadly theres not really been anything really good in the space combat genre on PC since about 2000.
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I haven't played X3, but X2 is still out there and works fine (most trouble free game install I've had, really) on Win7.
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thank you for the suggestions
hmm it seems that even i-war 2 needs a joystick
maybe i'll get one and try a bit of the oldies
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