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Old 25-12-2013, 17:58:17   #1
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crap merry christmass!

In the spirit of reconciliatory christmass attitudes I went toe the auntie's house. There my dear uncle started babbling about his allegened successes. The same man who has stolen 100.000 euros from my auntie (because he's manic depressive they say - becasue he has screwed up ideals, I say).
In any case I couldnt stand it any longer and I told him, give back the 100 grand you clown, you have the nerve to try and instruct me about life. A Man is the one who takes care of his family and you have devasted yours. You have destroyed the life of my auntie and yours.
Keep your chermons to yourself. I know everything there is to know about life from my grandpa. Who, also, BTW despied you becasue he said that a man who doesnt work has no worth!
And then I said, thank you for a lovely lunch, bye!

And now, for a nice theatrical play with the SO, to take my mind off things.
Ah christmass.
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Old 25-12-2013, 18:00:26   #2
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although the next part of the day was great. I had a visit from mom and we had a great time joking around (also sad because of grandma not being here for the first time).
Friends called for merry christmass and everything is swell (if not for that frecking clown who destroyed the life of auntie).
Oh well

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Old 26-12-2013, 17:03:14   #3
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Ok. Went to the theater. It was great!
Then went to a bar. Starterd dancing and drinking and making fun of everybody!
Goddammmm. The SO IS the one. All it misses is a child. (and then no more funny paiktis).
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