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a question about british history

I've been watching a lot of doctor who (the new series) as i have so much time on my hands it's unbelievable, and the actresses there is very bongable if i may say so myself but anyway, i've been contemplating about british history a bit and i have one question:

when was scotland (and the other regions) incorporated or united with england?

i tried on bbc but it is VERY detailed (BTW i laughed my little arse off at the "empty" notes - "no events" on the B.C. dates )

seriously though, when did that union happen? and was it done peacefully?

i suppose both england and scotland (and the other regions) realize it is in their best interest to stay united and so they remain so, and also i imagine there is a clear distinct sense of being "british", which supercedes (?) the "regional" affiliations?

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nevermind i found it in wiki. 1707 i think and was done peacefully after killing eachother for centuries
another thing that i found interesting was that britain was catholic before becoming protestant. but i guess that is true for most parts.
christianity did work miracles back in the day. ravaging hordes of vikings could, after being converted, sit down and have a cup of tea.
(the same with slav people in the east)

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you liked it sheep intruder eh?
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