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well i've been on a roller coaster of french movies after making the fatal error to watch hangover 2.
one was about a girl who sleeps with anyone who is right wing in order to bring them to the left wing, so she sleeps with a lot of people. I dont remember the name.

another was with tutu (amelie) and was about whatever, about whatever, supposedly a french comedy but they made a serious point about a mother sleeping by giving money and selling out her daughter in order to sleep with a guy and then the daughter takes him and they are all happy (as if).
maybe i'm getting old but wtf is wrong with french movies?

i've also seen a preponderance of arab people and i guess they are integrated 100% in their own kind in french society.
weird movies.

and i saw an english one about some kids who were raised in a secluded environment in order to later use their internal organs for translpants therefore killing them. i guess in the latter there is a sense of allegory in today's capitalism, i think this was called "never leave me" and featured that girl that smiles like she's dracula, always showing her teeth in a frightening - i'm gonna bite you, way.
someone should finally tell her that is not a sexy thing to do.

all in all the most unbearable was
hangover 2
the tutu one
then the i sleep with everyone who's right wing one
and the least objectionable was that with the transplants.

there's nothing out there though really
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