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Scabrous Birdseed
for your usergroup and post count
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Enthiran/The Robot

Anyone seen this? Huge Tamil film, biggest-budgeted and biggest-grossing Indian film ever. Sci-fi comedy musical drama actioner, of course, being an Indian film, but much pacier and snappier than usual, you hardly notice the passing of the three hours.

Very nicely filmed too, great set-pieces, and some truly random stuff like anthropomorphised moquitos, giant snakes made out of people, fake-tribal dance scenes in Machu Pinchu (with Llamas), and love lyrics about Isaac Asimov and neutrons.

Horrendous class/race/gender politics though, you have been warned. Truly dark-age stuff, especially the latter.

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Read the frikken titles you moron.
"I wonder what became of all the Rockers and the Mods.
I hope they are making it and they've all got stead jobs,
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Yeah, rock and roll still lives on. "
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