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Ho! Ho! Ho!
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The Ray Wilkins Factor

Chelsea's collapse of form since Ray Wilkins was unceremoniously got rid of has been nothing short of catastrophic!

Before Nov 11

W9; D1; L2 for a total of 28 points out of 36.

After Nov 11

W1; D4; L4 for a total of 7 points out of 27!

The latter form over a season would guarantee relegation in every premier league season to date!

A lot has been made of the injuries to Terry and Lampard, however they were playing in what was arguably Chelsea's worst result of the season against Wolves yesterday.

As Ancelotti wrote in his autobiography:

"Ray is one of those select few, always present, noble in spirit, a real blue-blood, Chelsea flows in his veins," he wrote. "His heart beats in two languages, and that helped me. Without him, we couldn't have won a thing, and in particular we would not have started the year at supersonic speed."
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Pubs Minister
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It's definitely either a direct cause, or a total coincidence. Or something in between
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The Shaker
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What's he doing now, other than punditry?
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Old 09-01-2011, 21:15:02   #4
Cort Haus
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Perhaps he's still shagging Peter Kenyon's wife.
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