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Toy Story 3

Saw this in 3D last night and really enjoyed it just like the other two!

I still reckon 2 is the best, as this one is more clever than outright funny, not to mention the fact that it is basically a rehash of the same old stories - which are getting a bit repetitive now...

The other thing the film suffers from is the fact that cgi animation like this is basically run of the mill now, so it's not such a stand out film anymore.

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Prepare for a string of Pixar sequels.

It's not that I don't like Pixar, it's just that I feel that their next few sequels will be for their weaker films (Car and Monsters Inc.). Although, their best films don't really lend themselves to sequels (WALL-E, Ratatoille (sp?), and Up). However, I do feel that The Incredibles and A Bug's Life (although I'd do this with completely new characters) have better potential. My other concern with Pixar is that their next non-sequel, Brave?, sounds a bit too "Disney."
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