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Old 23-03-2010, 16:58:44   #1
Cheshire Cat
on a branch
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Location: Ches-here
awesome "goldberg machine" video

saw it on DJ TV, song wasn't bad (anything special) but I found the video awesome

I actually like to watch it with sound off, so maybe not a Music Forum thread
< grin >
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Old 23-03-2010, 18:03:34   #2
Immortal Wombat
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Location: kthxbye
Sometimes in my dreams, W Heath Robinson and Rube Goldberg fight elaborate rickety battles over the right to that adjective.
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pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo
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gets better and better. love it.
i check my hair at the elevator mirror and the highlight of my day when I say hi to a girl who's opposite of the elevator door at my floor. the one i went out with.
after that, it's the same old fucking thing all over again.
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Registered User
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cute end. very good.
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