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The Illusion of Accomplishment

Quite a good article about the techniques used by developers to keep people playing their games. Or how developers are using your tiny basic stupid brain to make a monkey out of you.
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I'm nearly immune to the achievement one, but the other tricks work fine on me.
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I love achievements.
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pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo
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i am a sucker for this kind of thing

but then challenges, no matter how meaningless or inconsequential, are meat and drink to my mind

it's like flipping beer mats in the pub. sure it's pointless but it's fun to see how many you can do.
i check my hair at the elevator mirror and the highlight of my day when I say hi to a girl who's opposite of the elevator door at my floor. the one i went out with.
after that, it's the same old fucking thing all over again.
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