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The Dutch are Invading!!! II

"Personally I'd have her trussed up to the bed and she wouldn't be allowed out at all".

For British families, sex is never an easy topic to discuss. So imagine having a full-on, no holds barred conversation with your mum and dad about exactly what you got up to last night. Worse still, imagine your parents giving you a blow-by-blow account of the kind of things they do to each other when you go out...

This radical programme employs the techniques of Dutch Sexologist Maria Schopman, who has come to the UK to help British families confront their sexual issues.

Sexology is the specialist area where sex and psychology meet. Maria aims to increase trust in the family unit and shake off their embarrassment in talking openly about the subject of sex. She believes that by breaking down the walls between generations, we increase awareness. The more families talk openly about sex, the less there is to sweep under the carpet where it can fester and become a real problem.

Can sexology save these families? Watch Sex... with Mum and Dad to find out. they want me to tell my mum about all my kinky sexploits...!
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