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Old 19-03-2005, 04:50:15   #1
mostly harmless... mostly
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Free game of the month: Nanaca

My current record is 4439.49m. The game is in japanese, but it's pretty easy to figure out. Click to launch your bike at this guy who's standing there, launch him as far as you can.

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Old 20-03-2005, 21:25:03   #2
The Human Banning Rod.
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4023.58 . Once you figure out what the "aerial" thing is for, it gets pretty easy to get scores like these...
Austrian english would be completely different. It sounds like a nasal record player on sedatives.
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Old 21-03-2005, 19:43:45   #3
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I don't get it. Is there anything you can do to help things along after the initial launch? Lots seems to be going on, but I can't tell if I'm in control of it.

I got 2000 without having a clue.

Edit: I get it now, and the blue boost recharges!

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