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Old 05-06-2003, 11:19:23   #1
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Ten reasons why Milan should be stripped of Champions League Honours

4. For the shameful way in which they treated Rivaldo – could they not have found a place for him beside Shevchenko, Inzaghi, Rui Costa, Seedorf, and Pirlo? Ancelloti was far too defensive. I mean if you are going to have five attack minded players on the pitch – why not six? After all, millions of people had the good grace to watch them playing in the first place.
Great stuff.
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Mr. Bas
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11. By winning from ajax with 3 deflected shots.
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Greg W
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6. For not being Man United. After all, the whole party was set up for the Red Devils. UEFA have some serious questions to answer.

7. For not letting United win the whole damn thing. OK, they were knocked out by Real and not Milan, but still. Did they not know that if United had won, Fergie might’ve gone away?

8. For not letting Juve win. After all, United beat Juve in the group stages and had Juve won, well then United would really have been the best side in Europe – wouldn’t they?

9. For not letting Juve win Part II. After all, Juve beat Real only because Real got tired playing against Man United, and United really were a match for Real weren’t they? And they’d never have been as tired as Real were and so would’ve beaten Juve in the semis ‘cos they’d beaten them already and would then have won the final ‘cos Juve were the Serie A champs seeing off Milan on the way, and United would’ve seen off Juve so…

10. For ensuring that our papers were full of respected journos telling us that Milan didn’t deserve to be champs ‘cos they’d much rather watch Man U in a dramatic, second grade goal fest.

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