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Sir Penguin
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Post Really Expensive Portable TV Released!

Here's something for those of you who were born to the purple, or recently got promoted, or fired, or whatever like that. Archos (who also does an iPodish thing) has released their AV300 series of 3.8" LCD TVs. The AV320 will have 20 GB of storage capacity, which amounts to about 40 hours of near-DVD-quality video. There are attachments which will allow the device to act as a TV recorder, a digital camcorder, or a digital still camera, and the thing will even play your MP3s. It weighs in at 350 grams, or US$570 in Imperial (not including attachments). Look for Apple to release a better one inside the year.

Article at
AV300 series product page

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One of my pet peeves is radios that can't tune AM. Other than that, it sounds nifty. I just discovered the wonders of MPEG-4 video. Too bad the AV320 costs so much. Anyway, video is the logical progression from audio, since movies have both and take up way more space than MP3 files. Just what the doctor ordered for today's high capacity hard drives.
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Sir Penguin
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On that note, some related stuff:

The Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer, which has a 20 GB hard drive, FM transmitter and receiver, recorder, and Ogg Vorbis support, among other things.

Also tiny hard drives, 1.5 GB stored on a 1" disk platter. This is supposed to make high capacity digital cameras, MP3 players, and that video player a lot cheaper. Current equivalent technologies cost over 3x as much as this product's US$65 (in lots of 1000).

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I've got a 5 Gigabyte HD in my iPaq. Its very nice. They are supposed to be releasing the 10 and 20 Gigabyte small drives sometime at reasonable prices...
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