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Guild Wars Nightfall.

Well I finally had a weekend and a little time in after Wed to play so I picked it up.

I played a tiny bit with it in beta but didn't get into the meat of it.

Bad things

1- No fucking prima guide. The big map and comprehensive spell/skill listings are absolutely needed for guild wars. I hate scrolling pages and pages of websites.

Good things

1- Heroes can join your party.

Basicly, as you progress through the game you befriend NPCs who you gain control over. They come with a base class but you choose everything else, equipment, secondary class, spells, skill points. Plus they get access to any spell you have unlocked on your account. This means you can conrol what the party NPCs are doing, casting, etc. They have an AI but you can override it. It also allows you to create AI builds that are never seen in the older game. The game can actualy handle things like being a minion master, buffing support, etc. For the new campaign my core group is a R/P (me), a W/mo, a Mo/beatmaster R. and a D/Earth elem.

2- Tighter economy.

If you get a hero, you have to equip him, buy him spells, etc. While not a huge difference, it does suck quite a bit of the excess crap money out of the market.

3- PVP for people who hate grouping with random people.

You can now pvp in arenas without a guild and without being teamed with random people. The Hero Arenas only allow teams of 4 with one player and 3 heroes.

4- More complex PVP

With 2 expansions out and all the additions to the skill lists the possibilities are insane. I played a team last night and there were no builds I had ever seen played before in the arena on the opposing team. They killed us.

5- More traps etc in the world.

There are lots of triggered traps now. Timed traps, flame walls, etc.


If you make every hero a half ranger you can make an ARMY OF FLAMINGOS!!!

My party only uses 2 normally, but one is DIRE FLAMINGO!!!

There is more, but I want to poop and take a shower.

Anyone playing?
I'm really enjoying the dutch gift now.

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