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I was never fat per se but I did lose 10 kilograms.
It was visceral fat a dangerous kind of fat because it encircles organs and fat moleculs can pass directly through to the arteries.

Anyway, it's bad it's not inoccent.

How did I do it, one might ask.

Into what depths of olympian perseverence, dog persistance and an unquivering will power did I manage such a fit, such a deed such an athlos.

I just stopped eating bread.

that's it
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I stopped eating a lot of carbs and put protein back in my life.

But today, after eating a great fish with the SO, indulging in Ouzo I came outside one of the most reknowned greek pastries shops.

And I didn't resist. I let the glutony carry me on its soft fluffy fat wings and I BOUGHT IT

and now I'm going to EAT IT
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