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Old 24-02-2002, 14:34:05   #1
Lazarus and the Gimp
Howling at the moon
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Fantasy Mornington Crescent League

Any takers? If so, I'll consult the rulebook (1984 Concise Edition).
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Old 24-02-2002, 15:12:11   #2
The Mad Monk
The REAL Nick Fury!
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Paperback or hardcover?
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Old 24-02-2002, 16:45:47   #3
[works only in german, sorry]
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Are we allowed to straddle under those rules? (clearly only on dual interchanges)

I'm not playing if I'm not allowed to straddle!

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Old 24-02-2002, 17:40:52   #4
*End Is Forever*
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I'm up for a Mornington Crescent bar crawl next time I'm in London. Buy a Zone 1 & 2 day pass (£4.10?)... would be fun.

That or the circle line bar crawl which I've already agreed to...
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Old 24-02-2002, 21:58:59   #5
Post Quality Analyst
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In my neck of the woods, we don't recognise the 1984 concise edition, since there are too many printing errors. For instance, 'straddling' is misprinted as 'saddling', and thus only applies to Horseguards Parade and any Mews-related turns.
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Resource Consumer
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I always stick to the Rillington Terrace rules myself.

Y'know morning acid baths usw....
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