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Old 27-05-2004, 14:58:02   #1
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You are not convicted

of felonies etc etc etc

and there was only one box next to it which said "Yes".

Isn't this a bit unclear? Shouldn't it be "You are convicted of felonies etc etc etc"

and then have two boxes Yes or No..?

It's like they try to be polite and not offend you if you have been convicted. But the way they ask you might unknowingly have answered that you are.
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Old 27-05-2004, 15:22:40   #2
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My response would have to be "see attachment".
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Old 27-05-2004, 16:16:12   #3
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Never mind the 2 boxes, that is a statement, not a question. Are they expecting you to tick, "Yes", I have been convicted of felonies, or, "Yes", you're right, I've not been convicted of felonies, or leave it and wonder why they got the wrong idea ?

Extra boxes won't help. Extra brain cells by the form creator just might.
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Old 27-05-2004, 16:23:06   #4
Dyl Ulenspiegel
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No problem if your native language knows quadruple negations.
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