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So, weekend before last i went and bought GT4. It's basically the same as every other GT before, but obviously more cars, more courses etc.

The license tests are still absolute bitches, but yesterday i had a
fairly unique experience with one of them. The penultimate test for the International A license is one lap of the famous nurburgring, a ten minute, 20km drive where coming off the track even once will result in failure. As it turned out, by driving fairly cautiously I sailed round pretty easily, but to my utter horror as i approached the finish i realised i was going to fall outside the 10 minute mark. Very frustrating. Well i'll give it another go tonight, but i can't see myself attempting that one too often.

The graphics are spot-on, some beautiful courses and nice effects, i think the ps2's limits have pretty much been reached now, but this is a terrific swansong.

The nice thing about and GT3 and GT4 is that whether you like rally racing, street racing, touring car racing, le mans-style racing, quick races, long races, etc, etc. there is something here for you. Polyphony digital have made sure there are about a million different things to do and it keeps the game fresh and full of variety. Yesterday for instance, deciding to take a break from my attempts on the license tests, i took out my toyota rally car and did, some road rallying, some dirt rallying and even some snow rallying. After that i did a couple of overtaking missions in various cars, and finally tried a few races in my little mazda mx5. Lots of fun.

The one big new feature is the b-spec director's mode, where you can get the computer to control the car for you and you get to issue some general instructions (go fast, go easy, overtake everyone, etc.). This is cool for when you want to make some progress while you have a cup of tea or eat your dinner or something, or if you can't face 5 laps of the grand speedway for the zillionth time. You can even watch the race from a simplified view and speed it up to 3 times the usual speed. Very convenient.

lots of people moan about the primitive opponent ai, the lack of damage models and all that, and they are all valid arguments, but in the main, GT4 still delivers a cracking good driving experience.
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