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Old 01-02-2005, 00:02:19   #1
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: In front of the PC
Talking Happy birthday Thales!

Grey hair and zimmer frames
hug me
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Old 01-02-2005, 00:03:23   #2
Immortal Wombat
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: kthxbye
Happy birthday third Ben to have a birthday in er, the first few days of Aquarius.
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Old 01-02-2005, 02:25:06   #3
mostly harmless... mostly
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Coventry
How does it feel to be turning the big 2-0? Feel old yet?
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Old 01-02-2005, 08:55:50   #4
Putting you lot right since 2001
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Home
Happy birthday
Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall,
Aleph-null bottles of beer,
You take one down, and pass it around,
Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall.
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Old 01-02-2005, 08:57:33   #5
Mr. Bas
Inde deus abest
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Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: The new white Pele
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Old 01-02-2005, 09:40:51   #6
Die Müfzwerge
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Drowning in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry
protein: Bryan Adams rocks
Blog - Band Müf Gigs 5th March BerkshireLive Aid
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Old 01-02-2005, 09:42:06   #7
Lazy Nerd owner
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Sitting with the baked pears
You have a watschnpappn

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Old 01-02-2005, 12:22:55   #8
Registered User
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Location: updated his email address and can look but not post
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