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u r all gay twats

Now I've got your attention, please read and comment. be as cutting and truthful as you have to be.

“So, here I am” Celia said to herself as she stepped off the train. “I did it. I can’t believe I did it! I actually told my mother a convincing lie and I’m now about to spend the weekend with the most gorgeous man I know…well, ish. Just because I haven’t met him in the flesh, doesn’t mean we don’t know each other.” She looked around the platform, trying to see amidst the mass of people if her mystery man was there. She stretched and strained, pacing the platform, eventually deciding to try inside the station, asking herself again, why she was doing this? The reason being, of course, that he is sweet, caring, considerate, funny, a good conversationalist, not to mention a body builder with a cheeky grin and a glint in his eye, if his pictures are anything to go by.

Scanning the inside of a busy train station for someone who even vaguely resembles a bunch of pictures you’ve seen on the internet is no mean feat for a vertically challenged female! After a couple of minutes Celia positioned herself by the main entrance and waited. And waited. And waited some more. After an hour she was doubting everything but him. “Did I get the wrong day? Maybe I’m early. What if I’m late?” she gasped “He might have been here before I arrived, waited for me then left, assuming I’d stood him up!” Celia was working herself up into such a frenzy she hardly felt her phone vibrate in her coat pocket. It was only when it nearly fell out she realised that he was calling her. “Oh my god! It’s him, he’s calling me, what should I do?!” Luckily, that choice wasn’t hers to make and he got diverted to answer phone. Celia looked at her phone and wailed “What happened!! He’ll think I’m ignoring him now!” she sighed, exasperated, and slid her phone back into her pocket and leant against the wall. Closing her eyes, trying to think of a plan for the rest of the weekend a hand brushed the hair from her face and whispered in her ear “You wouldn’t be Celia, by any chance?” Her eyes flew open and she turned to face the owner of the voice. She was confronted by a tall, tanned, muscular man with cropped dark hair, wearing a tight fitting black top accentuating his rippling chest.

She looked him over, her eyebrow raising as she inspected his physique. Extending her hand she said “You must be Craig…charmed, I’m sure.” He raised her hand to his lips and planted the softest kiss, looking up to meet her gaze and giving her a smile that melted her legs. “Sorry I kept you waiting so long,” he purred “let me buy you brunch to make up for it, there’s a wonderful deli just around the corner from here, you’ll love it” picking up her bag and taking her arm, the mystery man led her away.

I've sorta run out of ideas now
hug me
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