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Badass Monkey
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Buddyhead Best/Worst Of 2004 lists...

The always excellent Buddyhead website has just published it's best/worst of 2004 lists. Check them out here:

Sample quote: "...on this album the drums get pummeled harder than a 6-year-old's asshole at the Neverland Ranch after an all night session of "doctor"."
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Die Müfzwerge
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protein: Bryan Adams rocks
Blog - Band Müf Gigs 5th March BerkshireLive Aid
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pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo
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i liked the second libertines album

i see they don't like bloc party either

at least i never heard of 75% of the artists, maybe that's just an american thing
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after that, it's the same old fucking thing all over again.
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Stefu X
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I was waiting for this, actually - Buddyhead's end of the year lists are are always amusing. :b: More with the 'worst bands' section, of course.
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