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Greg W
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Gal Civ tips please?

Well, I finally got around to borrowing Gal Civ off a friend of mine. Started up a game on a huge universe (figure it'd give me some time to learn the ropes before the aliens pounded me). So, I explore around a lot, and discover 10 or so yellow planets, building colony ships as I go and settling them ASAP. By the time I get to around 10 settled planets though, when I start settling new planets, they start with very low morale (like 0%), and adding improvements like Entertainment networks seems to raise the morale way too slowly.

Eventually one planet rebelled and joined the independant league (the bastids). I tried raising my social(?) rating, that didn't help much either. I think I'm getting withdrawls cos there's no way to see what's making them unhappy. They're all quality 15+ worlds too FYI.

I did read somewhere that ships in orbit can help keep them from rebelling, but I'd like to find a cheaper way if there is one. Any hints? Heck, even my capital had dropped down to 45% morale or thereabouts, and it has every convenience known to man (that I know at the time, I have discovered ~30 techs).

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Um, I mean, er... you get the idea...
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