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I love BBC Knowledge!

Rather than watch the curling, or either of the Michael Caine films (including 'Blame it on Rio' ... perhaps I should have watched that!), or the Steven Seagal film, I watched 'Life Story' on BBC Knowledge. A brilliant film. I'd seen it before, but it was well worth a re-run.

It tells the story of the discovery of the structure of DNA. Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin were doing related research but not getting on very fast. Along came Watson and Crick and cribbed their results and put those results together with other research to beat everyone to the punch with a model of the structure. It gives an illuminating picture of the stuffiness of the research field at that time. It also illustrates the pathos that Rosalind Franklin never gets sufficient recognition for the vital role that she played, and was denied a part of the Nobel prize because she died before it was awarded, and the prizes are never awarded posthumously.

Thoroughly recommended, and I also got to see the last end of the curling when I switched back to BBC2 at the end of the film. Allied to the Chinese take-away, and the bottle of wine, it made for a very pleasant evening.
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Didn't realise they had films on there...
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