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it's so simple I bet everyone was doing it the hard way!

You cheating bastard
WOW I sure am Popular!
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Doctor Love
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?nwod yloP' sI
"Guy is about 100% correct" --Chris
"Guynemer is a rollicking good time. Action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, sex--this guy has everything. Four stars, and a lock for an Oscar." --Joey Hollywood, The Moose Jaw Mirror
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os kniht i
"You think the only thing keeping this reality from collapsing is my awareness of it? what do you think? You know, the idea that a thing exists solely to be the anchor point for all known things. The old thing about what happens to the world when you close your eyes!! Does the light even exist anymore when the refrigerator door shuts?!" JTHM
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.ysae si tI .sdrawcab epyt tsuj I
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