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Standing by your partner through addiction and sex problems.

Just thought I would share with you the two stupid things the last 2 days in my life.

1- Addiction

As some of you may remember froma feww years back Erin needed surgury and had a mess of hormonal problems.

Well, the result was she put on a lot of weight and now is trying to take it off.

She has decided she is addicted to chocolate and has to go cold turkey. Also no chocolate int he house in any form.

Now god DAMN IT, I never gave much of a damn about chocolate until now I realize that its gone.

Today my lunch was a hershey bar and a coke. MMMMM

2- Sex problems.

Nothing makes you feel better than getting kicked out of the bedroom so that your partner can be alone to take care of their needs.

Guys, if you are every using a toy on your lady friend and have had a few beers, be gentle. as questionable content said, 'enthusiasm is good, cervical bruising is not".

"Can you go in the other room so I can do what I need to alone." is not something you want to hear lol.

And as I type this last sentence, I am OUT OF TEQUILA!
I'm really enjoying the dutch gift now.

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