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I just don't see why if some stranger I don't know out there books a prostitute I've never met, why does that mean I'm an asshole, or hate women, or want to control anybody?

And furthermore, although there are definately lots of sexist atrocities going on in the world, that doesn't mean every spoilt Western brat who of their own accord decides to 'sell sex' is a true bonifide victim. Who wants to be a fucking victim anyway? (excuse the pun) Western society with all it's little boxes and niches and politicaly correct brackets seems obsessesed with victimhood as a means to feel special and somehow 'moraly elevated'. That's what the woman is doing, and she can stick it right back up her where it fell out of.

Anyway, not having paid too close attention to her particular story, last time I checked, the point this middle-class I'm-a-Lesbian-ACTually was making is about student dept, not the insidious plots of The Patriarchy organization in it's neverending drive for global domination of all things even vaguely female.

And I still don't buy that the shitty way the world works is any more in the power of all-and-any-man-anywhere to 'CONTROL' then it is in womens power. I suppose all the uncivilised male-on-female crap that happens in the rest of the animal world is part of The Patriarchy's evil plans... or maybe nature just gave males ugly impulses, that is as much a part of new life as it is a part of why wars and claws exist. You're confusing Nature with some kind of intentional effort to demean females by human males, and that that sucks. Nature decided that males seek sex with females alot and more, nature decided that sex is way more biologicaly expensive for females then for males, nature decided that male mammals should compete aggressively with eachother, and entagle themselves in domination games when part of a social species.... you don't like the way our stinky slimey mucky species conducts its affairs... fine, niether do I alot of the time, but don't blame me, I didn't make the world, and I refuse to have the other major aspect of my 'description' made out crappy.

As a black-male, I feel that niether the two major description-words that 'sum me up' are very welcome in the world, only 'black-females' have it worse really... (again I acknowledge the existance and evil of sexism) but I feel fuck-all pity for that middle-class student brat. Probably the same character trait she used to decide she is a lesbian is what made her decide to prostitute her virginity (Shock the Parents).

And lastly, I think women are idolized way more then men in our society, I don't know if that's a good thing, but our society realy 'digs the godess' on a scale not seen since Earth Mother worship. There are giant picture of them everywhere, beautiful, powerful, wise, all-powerful mother-executives superior to us foolish and immature males that fall around chasing them and hoping to be 'good enough' to impress them... I think the problem with that is the pressure it puts women under living up to the she-idols of the media.
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