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Originally posted by Oerdin
May dad did something like that to me when I was a kid and it made me sware off beer for years and years. I was like 12 or something and I kept bugging my dad and uncle for a beer since they were drinking one each and they kept telling me I wouldn't like it. I kept insisting I would so they told me if I opened it I had to drink the whole thing. To make a long story short they gave me one I hated it and refused to drink the rest so they locked me in the car (we were camping) and told me I couldn't leave until I finished the beer. It took hours and I hated every second of it. I disliked the experience so much I had maybe a half dozen beers in the next 9 years.

Then I went to college and became a virtual alcoholic like everyone else but that is another story.
My parents let me have little tastes of wine and beer from age 5 (that's as early as I remember tasting wine, a tiny sip when we had spaghettii)

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