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Originally posted by Dyl Ulenspiegel
Look at the wording of the 1990/91 resultions. The legal nature of chapter VII resolutions. And concepts like rebus sic stantibus and desuetudo in international law. I'm not telling you how to do your NASA work, you don't tell me about international law.

And for anti-americanism - much of it is a reaction to american anti-restofworldism.
You are welcome to tell me how to do my NASA work. After all, NASA wants all to be aware and active in its interests.

Well, in the realm of international politics, if the EU isn't going to bother fighting the Coalition on it, nor invoke sanctions against it, then the EU is giving its tactic blessings to it.

I may hunt up all the resolutions and check them out. Not today though. It's become a moot point until the Iraqi people file a class action lawsuit against the governments of the Coalition.

As for Anti-Americanism... it isn't a reaction to American Anti anything. It's basic nature. When Spain ruled the Known World, everyone was Anti-Spain. When France ruled the Known World, everyone was Anti-France. When the UK ruled the Known World, everyone was Anti-UK. When China rules the Known Universe, we will all be anti-China. You can say "We hate your country/administration for this reason..." but in the History of World, America has been one seriously underachieving Nasty Overlord. It's just human nature. People don't like to see others do well. People perfer to see them fail. That's part of the basic wiring of our brains. Someone doing better then you triggers your Zero Sum reasoning... less is left for you. Basic psych has studied the hell out of this. That Zero Sum reaction doesn't trigger as easily for people you don't see competing directly against you (your community), so it takes outsiders having much more then you (compared to others in your community) to trigger that Zero Sum behavior.

As long as the world hates America, that just means it sees America as Top Dog. When it starts hating someone else equally, then the Sun will be setting on America. I'm hearing a good bit of anti-China and anti-India sentiment at this time. Well up above the anti-Jap and anti-German and anti-Arabia these days.

When America does nothing, its hated for doing nothing. When America goes in to help, its hated for not helping enough and not helping sooner. When America interferes in other countries, America is hated for it. When America doesn't interfere in other countries, America is hated for it. If America chooses to support a side, it is hated. If it doesn't, it is hated. That isn't reasonable behavior. So there isn't any valid arguments to how America makes itself hated... America is hated because it exists. If it didn't exists, everyone would just hate something else. Such is the true nature of humans since before we were humans. Whatever you view as having some say over you and your life (and you are powerless to effect it) is going to attract your fear and hatred.
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