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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Darkstar
Qaj, the trick is that extremists don't tend to notice the subtle distinctions. Like, for instance, being an innocent child just going to school. They do these splashy things to get on the news so people understand that they aren't safe, no matter what, until the terrorist get whatever it is they want. Otherwise, terrorism doesn't work. It's just psychos hurting and killing without any moral justification then. And they don't want to be seen as psychos, they want to be seen as heroes of their people!

Well, obviously.

It has been noted that terror bombings by Hamas have dropped against the Israeli since Saddam has stopped paying them. I wonder if the Israeli feel that Saddam paying Hamas was a big deal?
Don't confuse correlation with causation, Darkstar. If you can conclusively prove that that is the case, fine, let's see your evidence. But there are many other factors that can explain the reduction in bombings: the anti-terror wall; the peace talks and Sharon claiming to pull settlements from disputed zones; even possibly Arafat's illness (if it's been prolonged); and probably a bunch of other stuff we don't even know about.

Humm... So, your position is to allow the evil you know is hurting and killing people and let time sort it out?
Nope. As in my original long-ass post, I think Bush should have either played the U.N. game better, or pulled out completely. What he did was go against the U.N., and acted before a proper war resolution was in place.

What if it wasn't countries... what if it was people? If Saddam was your neighbor, beating his wife, kids and elderly mom, selling questionable goods, and paying the local gang to make sure that no one else competed with him? Do you do nothing, cause eventually he's going to die? After all, no domestic abuse is ever a global consequence. And that is exactly what you are arguing...
Well, I could go over and blow Saddam the Neighbor away with my trusty 12-gauge, but then I figure the cops would probably arrest me. But your analogy is flawed. Instead, let's say a vigilante group, comprising a bigger group than the city PD, went in and took him out instead, and the PD couldn't touch the vigilantes without a hell of a lot of fallout because they're too big and control much of the economics of the city. That's a bit more like it.

What I'm trying to argue, without you twisting it to mean something different, is that a legitimate force should have taken care of the matter. And, in a perfect world, it would have happened a decade ago, when Saddam started flouting the original set of sanctions. Or even better, the U.S. would never have armed and coluded with Iraq and Saddam in the first place...

As for no plan for piece... you are again claiming it doesn't matter cause it wasn't you. How is what is going in Iraq now affecting you? Other then all the whining and moaning you hear about it? What with you being in California.
Yeah, I do hear a lot of whining and moaning about it in California, esp. since I listen to a Santa Cruz public radio station (For those of you reading this that aren't from here, Santa Cruz is noted as being a bunch of extremely liberal tree-huggers. Some of it's residents make Kerry look conservative).

The difference between post-WW2 and now is more of presentation. Back in 47 ot 48, the news wouldn't run such things in such large focus. Just a nasty comment or two in an otherwise "everything is sugary now that peace has been won" report. Of course, if they had 500 channels of medium to fill 24/7, it would have been a different story.
Agreed. Though the media is still at fault for not reporting things accurately or "fair and balanced". They tend to blow some things way out of proportion, and minimize others (this they do with both positive and negative aspects of the coverage of Iraq, though mostly the negative). If the news was less sensationalist, maybe it'd be better quality.
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