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Originally posted by Darkstar
You aren't breaking the law when you've been granted a license to do so. The fact that is glossed over just shows that people want to believe it is illegal when the internation community outsmarted itself in making it legal and not puting that expiration date or terms on it.
Have you ever read resolution 687?

Tell me where it says that you are allowed to invade Iraq with the intention of regime change

In fact it explicitly says the opposite:

Welcoming the restoration to Kuwait of its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and the return of its legitimate Government,

Affirming the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of Kuwait and Iraq, and noting the intention expressed by the Member States cooperating with Kuwait under paragraph 2 of resolution 678 (1990) to bring their military presence in Iraq to an end as soon as possible consistent with paragraph 8 of resolution 686 (1991)
I don't see any way that resolution could feasibly be used to justify a war to remove Saddam from power. However bad a leader he was, that resolution just doesn't grant those powers.
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