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Iraq to Germany comparisons are a lot closer then space stations to farts. The main difference is that we haven't spent years beating down the Iraqi resistance capability through war, and thereby had the region already be drained of the fire brands, zealots, and impassioned when the occupation and rebuilding has begun.

Sorry, UN okayed the war. Now, if you want to say the UN cannot grant that, fine. We can still play lawyer and invoke "Defense of self or allies". Isreal is an ally of the US, and Saddam admits he was funding Hamas to fight it. Destabilizing a country is counted as an act of war (although most serious powers of the world have done it often enough).

You are a lawyer. You know that there is no way you can legally win the distinction. There is too much room to allow for a nation to defend itself legally or defend its business partners/dependants, Dyl.

This is a total rehash of the "Iraqi Invasion: Legal or Not" threads that are on this site already. Ah... I see you remember losing that debate. Good. Fine by me to drop it. And you know it's only a grab war if we keep it as our territory. Honestly, considering the American election, you'd find more traction with me arguing it was a "Wag the Dog" deal...
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