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camus' the fall

it has a profound impact on me

camus always manages to have a profound impact on me at maybe critical junctures of my life

I also read a philosophical book

it was fun

i bought it at a english bookstore in brussels

there was an american there and he started saying some shit like oh no dollars? dollars is thebest and some shit like that

I thought, get the hillbilly out of here for fucks sake

also the clerk was blazingly gay and very chirpy which was very funny and uplifting
he was also iranian

I also sw a girl that was watching me and when I watched she smiled.

I thought let's have sex with a booklover but then I thought of the SO and bought the book and a gift for the SO and I left

I then entered an asian/arab store to buy cigs

there was a drunken french man there scoulding the asian clerk for "not treating his customers right"

I walked right up to him and talked very politely to the clerk cutting the frenchie off

he left

he was very drunk
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