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astology is shirtiot si makeing shot iup that is had no basic in fact

also ther ie the fdasctg tha aa theterre is nto first pricnepes to go form
thakle fishicks for example, there is nmestoneosm l;oqaws or quantum mechanice or other first pruincimples

thinkare are the weay thett are fora reason, thety have to be that ewayh

if theying wersd idfnnerednt thety weren'kti work

like if pankhs constasnt were different there world would work different

and the alwws of mathssayt that therew had to be the figgere nt nubmer of quarlks (wollt it is a naubmer here could be, there could also be moire (but it woudl ahve to be a proper nubemr, it couldn't be nuset any nubmer like 12 or 29lor 438 or some of ther jsut like thaet ))

anyaws, physics is athe wayt it is because it all works out,t here is not semilarytg reasonign itn astrology, it dint' hvean't to be that wat r ot secxist ast all, cayou can't dreifve it from first [ronci[;es or any pronicibples at alll

and that uis the fifferenc4e, the eimp[ortant differecvn between cp[hucicne and notne sphicence

and that is the reaosn astrology is cshit

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