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Originally posted by Koshko
Given that I don't believe in this sort of thing, there is a fair amount of truth to that Libra text.
Gee... could it be because astrology is based on the study of humanity since man first domesticated animals? That each generality of humanity has been archtyped, and then fleshed out with additional human bonuses and minuses of behavior so that any sign's "Stereotype" will fit you?

Gee... can't be that.

Almost noone likes to make tough decisions. That's why they are tough. We all want our cake, and eat it too. And we'd rather just put it off so we don't have to make that tough call. Even very decisive people are like that... its human nature.

Being able to see the good in bad things, and the bad in good things, is again part of most people. As we age, we learn that there is such a thing as "too much a good thing" and that to grow a field of crops, you got to plow under what is there. (If noone ever died, there'd be nowhere for all the new people, etc etc etc).

That's the trick with those sort of things.
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