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Libra... the Scales.

In ancientist practice, it didn't actually exist. It used to be the tale of the Scorpion, but a little observing showed that we needed a bit more time, so a few more observations and tada! Libra.

Libra... that's the "wishy-washy". When given a choice between two items you try to choose both (if good) or neither (if bad). You prefer to let the outside world choose for you, whenever possible. Postive aspects: the fact that you cannot choose sides does allow you to appriate the "hidden" nature of all things... all the good that comes with the bad, and all the better aspects to people and situations. Of course, the curse is that when you should be happy, you see the bad and occasionally point this out to people, or just sit around bitching. Thus, most people think its worth finding someone else to hang out when given a choice of you or finding someone new.
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