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the issue with greece was that it got frecked by an amazing colleration of both europe AND greece.

then it said: we're going to blow the whole thing apart (but didn't have the balls to play that bluff to the end

varoufakis is from australia or has taught in cambridge?

whatever he's a limeyassworshipper. and it shows.

some of his ideas do hold water but all in all he was just a minor play in a close to be tragedy that was averted.

I used to look at other countries and say

aw look how "organized" belgium is or what big streets paris has or that colonial flair of barcelona (I never was jealous of the US, noone that I know is)

but then it hit me.

I got a very stable job I got a house of my own I got free health care for life. I HAVE socialism.
Whatehell am I complaining for? because bloomberg said I should be?

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