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Last Stand At Khe Sahn: The US Marines' Finest Hour In Vietnam. By
Gregg Jones (2014)
I got this book because I am basically ignorant of the strategy and tactics used by the different sides during this long war. While the book does shed light on the US side But it does a poor job describing or explaining the North Vietnamese.
Some of the descriptions of the various ambushes, skirmishes and battles can be harrowing but the fact that these took place in tall grass or at night leaves only confuses images. Which, I know, is how the combatants experienced them.
The narrative is also hindered by the author's decision to present mini-profiles of everyone KIA, wounded or otherwise intensely involved.
If this was the marines' finest hour I can understand why we won battles but lost the war.
Overall I cannot recommend this book unless you are intensely interested in the "American War."
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