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Originally posted by Venom
It's sad to see we're more hated than Ceausescu and the Commies.
That is exactly why I hate the stereotypical American. Brainwashed into thinking that anything left of centre or even just centre in the political spectrum is seen as "commie".

I was / am against the war / occupation of Iraq. I worry that Bush has his own agenda and does not give a toss who gets hurt in the way.

I will hopefully be in London on Thursday PEACEFULLY demonstrating against Bush.

I am totally honest in saying that if I was in a position to choose wether to kill either Bush or Saddam Hussain, then Bush would get the bullet.

I also hate Tories, but I do not go around attacking them in the street. All people in this country are entitled to free speech.

It was up to the people of Iraq to get rid of Saddam, not Big Brother USA, same as if a British leader stopped free speech here, there would soon be a major uprising in this country. Historically look at Poland as an example of people power.
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