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LOL is that the barents sea breakout mission? Thats one of my favourites. First time I played that I set off south first then as soon as I got the new tasking I went to flank due west, sprint and drift - 15minutes fast and 5 minutes slow. I picked up the russian SAG about 15-20nm out thanks to them pinging away on active. They were already parrallel with me and doing 20kts and at the range they were at I couldnt reliably torpedo them. At this point I tried TASMs/Harpoons, gave my position away and got killed. Then I tried again and got to the same position. This time I went on a big sort of parabolic loop around them at flank speed. Kept a good 15nm away at all times but used my higher speed to gradually work my way around the front of the group (took about 2 hrs of game time) It helped that the russians didnt go in a straight line but occasionally changed direction a bit. Eventually got about 5nm ahead and 10off to the side. From there I ran in to about 10000yrds and attacked with torpedos. Fired all 4 tubes 2 for the kirov, one for the kutsenov and one for the destroyer. Got three hits (one of the ones for the kirov missed). Sank the destroyer and the kirov but only damaged the kutsenov. Then got suprised by a sub I wasnt expecting and ended up legging it north at flank speed. Fortunately I think it was a kilo as I out paced its torpedos and I never heard from it again. Mission successful (you dont have to sink the ships just damage them)

I'm getting quite good with the 688i and the MH60. the FFG gives me headaches as theres just too much to do. The seawolf is OK but I dont like the interface as much as the 688i although the extra tubes are usefull. Have played the akula a bit but the sonar system is a bit of a bitch.

I really really hate SSKs though - the AI often has them pootling around at 2kts and you dont hear them until you run into them. I found a ming doing 3kts the other day and I only picked it up on narrow band at about 3000yrds. I didnt see it on broadband at all untill it was under 1500. Thats way too close for comfort. I only saw it on narrowband because it was close to a trawler that I was trying to classify - as I moved south the bearings diverged and the filter picked up its narrowband signature. And mings are noisy too. If thing were more hectic and I had been busy I would just have assumed it was just a trawler and ignored it. Fortunately I was only doing 4 kts and with its shit sonar it probably didnt hear me until it had two adcaps bearing down on it. Even then I was just waiting for it to whack a 4 tube snapshot down my bearing. At 1500yrds I wouldnt even have been able to run the torpedos to exhaustion.
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