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Tess Gerritsen - In their footsteps. For a start I couldn't even remember what it was about, but a quick squiz of the blurb reminds me it's about 2 children of well respected dead spys. Mystery shrouds their death (well it wouldn't be much of a story if they knew what happened) and they run off to paris to find out. Personally I was more interested to see if the hints at incest between a mother and her son were going to come to anything, but thats because the rest of the book was so predictable.

Elegance - Kathleen Tessaro. A woman in an unhappy marriage finds a book on elegance, starts taking tips from it, turns into a completley different person, walks away from her husband and moves in with her gay best friend. Her obsession with the book takes over, her friends try to help her, and in the end she has a toy boy. Trashy read.

Politics - Adam Thirlwell. I don't like the way he's written the characters speach, it makes them sound permanently drunk, and just babyish. It's been called 'stylish' but personally I think the blatant disregard for basic storytelling is abismal. He's got more than one character speaking on a line (maybe it's just me that annoys), he talks to the reader (which I don't mind) but it's the manner in which he does it that gets me. He digresses a fair bit, sometimes what he's writing has such a tenuous link it makes you wonder if he was just trying to boost the word count. Personally not my thing, but others of you may enjoy it.
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