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Recently finished Raphaelides' "The barbarian ancestors of modern europeans" which was a delight. Raphaelides was a hardcore commie (curse his soul) who was notoriously educated in every single aspect you could imagine and probably one of the most ruthless critics of the modern greek state. He died, followed an operation which had minimum chances of succeeding. Him being a devout atheist he never, even once, called out to God before they took him to the operation room. No matter what one can say, he was consistent don't you think?
I kind of miss him. He was a healthy even though at times prejudist voice of critic. Next up is Raphaelides "Balkan people" and then "The scums of the Greek revolution" by the same author. Assuming I meet up with my uncle who has those books and give him the three CDs I wrote for him including that rare pink floyd one.

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