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As the marine, it is scary, as the first mission shows you how powerful a fully equiped predator is (and then some), the second mission entroduces you to the joys of aliens in confined spaces. With the marine, everything is a serious threat, though drone aliens die remarkably fast, they just come in packs from all directions.

As the alien it is downright fun. Pouncing from wall to wall. That marine a 50 yards away is shooting at you. POUNCE not anymore. Ambushes by marines supported by sentries suck, so do synthetics, can't detect them nearly as easily. Flamethrowers aren't much of a threat, as you can tell which marine MIGHT have one (they are generally heavily armored), so you pounce on that one and eat the others. Save civilians to go back and eat later if your low on health. Sadistic? No.

As the predator, you go from hunting, to being hunted, to hunting again. Very fun experience. Your biggest threat sentry gun falling into a sentry gun crossfire. That sucks ass. So you have to change filters and be cautious, especially in semi open areas where several sentry guns can shoot you. Nothing sucks more than jumping down on somebody and hitting them, screaming your trophy yell as three sentry guns blast you to shit.

My 17" monitor just went out, so now I'm playing on a 15" I bought YEARS ago, when cards only came with 1 meg ram tops, turns out it can run in 32 bit at 1280x1024... and this is a monitor from early 486 days. Just small and the screen has that curvature from how they were made back then. Turns out the game isn't as dark (not nearly as I thought it was), my friend just likes his screen dim, and mine was REALLY burnt out before it finally blew. I don't see how I played the game before, as it was so dark that I could only see where my lamp was. Now I hardly ever NEED the lamp.
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