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This is the first game I've ever played that the tension increases with difficuly. On hard, setting, if an alien gets close to you, he will damage you severly when dying, possibly even killing you if you have to blast him with the shotgun. Keeps the tension REAL high. Seems on Easy, splash damage is almost not present, on Normal, splash damage can take its toll on you, and on Hard, splash damage from even ONE can kill you or weaken you drastically. I have to say, on Hard, I was shitting my pants at every turn, even though I knew when the enemies would pop up.

What pisses me off is that when you fight most aliens in latter levels, the game pauses as it reads the hard disk before it loads them. So once I get a pause or hear the tick of the hard disk during the game, I stop, check my levels and reload and wait for the ensueing death squad. That is just poor engine design. They should have it cached in the memory instead, so the pause would be gone, or at least unnoticable from the occassional engine hiccup. I find the q3 engine SOOOOOO much better graphically and in the way it places extra enemies during the game itself. It's unnoticable.

I think they should have made the individual alien tougher (about how tough it is when you play as it, the weakest one, the runner). As of now, after careful playing and aiming, 5-7 shots from the pulse rifle will kill it. So I generally think one cliip will kill 6-7 aliens (I assume about 50% of shots miss).

In my opinion they should have drastically strengthed the predator, taken out the energy requirment of the throwing disk and knocked up his energy about 50% more while taking away his energy sift device. They should have decreased the sheer amount of aliens while strengthing drastically those they left behind, and left the human as is, only giving him less ammunition.

As the game stands now, with various certain things, the best strategy is always to run backwards blasting anything that follows you.
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