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I don't really see the need to continue this argument further, but AH made a judgement call on your post, something which other people have done in case's alot more serious than this, which they got a slap on the back for (anyone remember the chairman yang incident????)

She wasn't saying oh your definately depressed, it was more a case of your post would suggest you could be suffering from depression it may be worthwhile going and speaking to someone about it.

I don't know wether this was a language issue or what, but it comes across as a massive chip to be honest which has spiralled well out of control.

So you're not depressed, great, wonderful, fantastic, AH never said you WERE only that you could be and you should maybe go and see someone about it.

So which would you have preferred???

The "FUCK YOU I DON'T GIVE A TOSS ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS" approach, or someone trying to empathise and possibly offer a suggestion you may or may not have thought of???

Seem's like AH was screwed either way, Heartless bitch, or meddling cow as the case may be.

And incidentally she is neither.
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