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Originally posted by DevilsH@lo

I really don't see the point of this discussion, Kory was whinging like fuck about other people's problem's, i would have been alot less delicate than any other post on that thread. After all who gives a fuck about other people's problem's, empathise,sympathise do what you will, but at the end of the day you can't do anything about someone else's problem's so why worry about em. Fucked if i know.
You know, the difference between me and you and AH?

I'm human. I care about when my friends are hurt. You guys obviously don't. Or else you'd understand why it would bother me. I wasn't posting about random other people. I was posting about some of my closest friends and the way they were hurt and for some strange reason -- again, the being human thing comes to mind -- that actually bothers me. I'm sorry you can't wrap your mind around that.

You know the other difference between me and you and AH?

Well, there's loads more, but the one I think is important:

That post was months and months ago. I said nothing else to AH in the meantime. But she had to dredge it up, which is really why this all happened. And then she said "but let's drop it" but had to keep trying to have the last word.

So, here's the real difference: I know the best way to drop it, which is to ignore it. Her. And now, you.

-- Kory (BTW, before now, the ONLY person on my ignore list was AnnC. Which should tell you something but, sadly, won't.)
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