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yeah the AI has improved a little. Although I havn't lost to it yet I have been suprised a few times. I think its managed to learn how to attack off-axis so it doesnt just come at you in a rush down one line.

Now it tends to spread itself out a bit and attack down 2 or 3 paths.

Playing as the Italians is hard work. Their light tanks can compete with the early cruiser tanks at almost level (they seem to be slightly inferior agasint armor but better against infantry due to the lack of a HE 2pdr shell). The Matildas cruxify them though. The carro armato/Matilda line up is about as one sided as the sherman M4/Tiger. The italians have almost nothing that can even come close to penetrating a matilda apart from those 75mm portees which are liable to abandon at the first sign of the enemy.

Theres one scenario where a allied armoured group intercept a very large italian column retreating from a previous battle. In that one my matildas took out about 40 vehicles between them and the cruisers another 20. Lost about 4 cruisers and a gun damaged matilda to 60+ assorted italian vehicles.

Matilda - the supertank for people who dont like supertanks.

Of course once the P3/P4 turns up the matilda is fucked. Its far to slow to manuever and its gun is far too weak. The armor is still useful but the 50mm P3 and 75mm P4 will kill you eventually.
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