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ACOL doeshas IV. Whaddaya know, the old corpse has a glimmer of life in it after all

FIRAXIANS IV - The Next Generation

Episode 1.
Some further time has elapsed.

Scene : Firaxis HQ, Monday morning

Present : Brain and Sid

Enter Aki

AH : A letter for you Brian

Slams letter down on table

AH : From HER

SM : Do I detect some tension here?

BR : For me. Airmail. It’s from Deidre - Aki gets jealous but still plays hard to get.

SM grins slightly

Brian opens letter

SM : How’s Brit Babe doing now Bri?

BR : I’ll read the letter to you Sid


“Dear Brian,

Just a little note to let you know that both I and Brian Junior are doing well...”

SM : Brian Junior! So that’s why she disappeared in a hurry. It’s kinda cute that you call him Brian Junior.

BR : Actually that was Deirde’s idea, I had my own suggestions.

SM : Which were?

BR : My first idea was to call him Deidre to keep everything simple but Deidre wouldn’t allow that - said it was a girls name. Damn, life would be really simple if we just called everyone Deidre. Then I wanted to call him Brain - after my Father.

SM : Your father was called Brain Reynolds?

BR : Yep. I was going to be Brain Reynolds Junior but they loused up and misspelled it as “Brian” on the birth certificate. Deidre said that ”Brain” sounded stupid. Frankly, I think it sounds cleverer than Brian.

SM : Continue please Bri.

BR : (reads)

“..are doing well in this rather nice castle you have rented for us in Scotland.”

SM : Why Scotland, Brian? Surely you are not worried about the wrath of Mrs Brian anymore.

BR : Worried about all the others, hee hee! No, actually, it is to do with Deidre’s career. I still have plans of launching her as one of the great Sci-Fi actresses of all time. I’m still playing the Scottish angle and hope to get her a part as a Scottish engineer in this new film.

SM : Which film is that Bri?

BR : Star Tricks : The Next Ejaculation

SM : An odd title.

BR : Yeah. I know, the script is kind of weak and Diedre’s not all that happy about taking her clothes off as much as they would like or about some of the scenes with the Aliens. Man, those guys are deformed. But, hey, this could be the start of a whole series. I promised her a career as an actress and I still intend to deliver. Women are SO ungrateful.

SM : Continue, Brian

BR : (reads)

“..Brian Junior appears to be quite a precocious child. He can already say simple words. I tried to explain to him about his daddy and showed him a copy of Alpha Centauri. He pointed at it and guess what his first words were? “Bugs”. Isn’t that sweet. I will be sending him to kindergarten shortly as there is little more that I can teach him at home. He was assessed by an educational psychologist last week who said that he can probably already write better code than his father. Doesn’t that make you proud Brian?

I have to go now as I must do my exercises for the Star Tricks film.


Brit Babe”

SM : Sounds like we’ll have to offer him a job before he goes to school.

BR : Maybe we could. Tommy has gone away to boarding school so we need someone to lead the Student faction.

SM : Brian that’s over now. And I’ve finished Anteater...I mean...Antietam. Now we need a new big idea.

BR : Well, I’ve been working on Deidre’s old trees idea. You know, the one where they plant trees.

SM : And?

BR : Now, you can plant trees and cut them down again. With the wood you can either build foresters huts or woodcutters huts and do some more.

Enter JKM

JKM : hi Sid and Brian

SM : Hi Jeff

BR : Hi Jeff, glad to see you’re walking well again.

SM : Brian, is there any conflict in this game?

BR : Only when someone tries to build a road then you get ecoprotesters in the trees. Now, and this is the fun part, you can cut the trees down with the ecoprotesters on them. They could make a wonderful screaming sound as they plunge earthwards. Actually that was Jeff’s idea.

SM : What’s the big fun in that Jeff?

JKM : Sid, believe me, after the recent past I can see the fun in that.

the search for the next big idea continues .......................
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